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Antiquity Quest

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Antiquity Quest is a reimagined take on the classic card game Hand and Foot, but with more gameplay, strategy, and enticing artwork. In this fantasy game, players are aspiring archaeologists who travel the world in order to discover artifacts from ancient civilizations to add to their collections. At the end of the game, whichever player has the most flawless collection of priceless antiquities and treasures earns the most prestige and wins!

  • Great for date night, or game night with the whole family! Play with 2-8 players. Choose to play as individuals, or in teams of 2!

  • Contents: Rule Book, 6 Player Reference Boards, 220 Cards, Score Pad

A set collection game that is hand and foot above any other!

Players: 2-8 | Ages: 10-99 | Minutes: 30-45